Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Getting Started

It has been 7 years since I last wrote a blog. The last one was very different and was mostly about my personal life. In the last 7 years I have finished law school, gotten married, bought a house, gotten a dog......in short, I have grown up. I have not had the urge to blog at all until today. I have thought about forming some sort of cooking blog a few times, but as I have no training as a cook or chef and have a full time job to attend to, it just never materialized.

So what changed? Today I received my first CSA delivery. CSA is short for "Community Supported Agriculture." We purchased a "share" of the crops from a local farm. Each week, the farm puts together a bag of fresh produce and delivers it to Whole Foods where we pick it up. I am determined to use it all before it goes bad. We have no say in which type of produce goes into our bag, we just get what the farm decides to give us. In short, each week for the next 12 weeks I will have a bag full of suprise fresh organic produce.

I ordered the smallest share available, it is listed for one person. I am married and expecting a child in January, but I have heard from friends who participated in a CSA that the amounts of food were overwhelming, so ordering a single share was my way of trying to anticipate that issue.

So, each week I will post pictures and descriptions of what I receive. Each week I will post the recipes and pictures of what I do with my CSA share. I will do my best to eat it all in a week, but to avoid waste, I may end up freezing or preserving some of it.

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