Tuesday, October 5, 2010

About Me

It occurred to me that this blog would be more helpful if I posted a little about myself, my tastes, and my time constraints.

I am a lawyer and I have a full time job. I work 40 hours a week, sometimes a little more. I commute 45 minutes each way. I do not have hours to prep and cook dinner. I do, however, love fresh food, and try to make 30 minutes to an hour 3 to 4 times a  week to cook for myself and my husband. We eat leftovers the nights I do not cook.

I am expecting my first child in January. I think I am past most of the cravings and nausea, and am back to my normal palate for now. I plan to make my own baby food when the time comes and may look for ideas to incorporate CSA membership into making homemade baby food. I also plan to breast feed/pump, so my diet may be constrained this Spring once the baby arrives.

I love good food. I love fresh food. I love bringing out natural flavors of food. I am a Southerner and I love Southern food with the caveat that I do not ever deep fry food at home. (It tastes awesome, but it is messy and unhealthy.)

I try to minimize processed food consumption in the house. This is a purely aspirational goal. I like to lean towards organics where economically sensible and feasible. I have started by switching to organics with foods that contain fat as many toxins are fat soluble. I use all organic milk, butter and olive oil. The CSA I participate in is in the process of transitioning to organic.

I am a woman who tries her best to balance time constraints, economic restraints, and energy limitations with feeding myself and my family healthy, delicious food.

I have the classic cookbooks: The Joy of Cooking, The New Basics, The Silver Palate.  I also have three bookshelves of other specialty cookbooks. However, when I decide to cook something, I use recipes for inspiration, not instruction. I first decide what it is I want to cook. Then I look it up in my cook books and on the internet. What I cook is usually a mash up of everything I have read up to that point. I am terrible about cooking something delicious then not remembering what I did to make it that way. I am hoping this blog will help me be more disciplined about writing down recipes so I can re-use them.

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