Tuesday, October 19, 2010

CSA Week 3

Picked up CSA Week 3 tonight!

Here is what I have:

1 bunch swiss chard
1 bunch lettuce
small bunch radishes
small bunch white larger radishes (?)
1 small butternut squash
small bag of green beans
small bunch of scallions
2 small green bell peppers
2 hot peppers
3 tiny patty pan squash
3 tiny summer squash/zucchini
cherry tomatoes
2 mystery roots

I need help identifying the following:

First, I have these two mystery roots---I have no idea what they are. Any ideas?

Next, I think these are just another variation of radishes, but they are larger and whiter than the radishes that have previously been delivered. Let me know if you think these are something other than radishes:

As far as what to do with all this healthy goodness? Well, here is the plan:

I still have swiss chard from last week, so I will cook both bunches together tonight.

My husband has not yet had the pleasure of the successful radish chips recipe or the super fresh green beans, so Friday night I will probably break out some frozen pulled pork bbq and serve radish chips and green beans on the side.

The patty pan squash and summer squash/zucchini will be cooked Thursday night either in a mini-caserole or shredded and in patties. The scallions may also be used in this recipe.

I will make salads for lunches and use the lettuce, tomatoes, and bell peppers.

I will save the butternut squash for next week when hopefully I will have another one.

That just leaves the mystery root (which needs to be identified before it can be cooked) and the hot peppers. I am not really a fan of hot peppers, but I am determined to use all of my CSA delivery, so I will brainstorm on this one.

In summary:

Wednesday: not cooking (eating leftovers)
Thursday: Squash patties or caserole and finishing leftovers
Friday: pulled pork bbq with radish chips and green beans
Saturday: we have dinner plans out
Sunday/Monday: unsure, depends on the identity of the mystery root


  1. mystery veg #1


    Comes in white and purple, I guess.

    I'd go with you on the white radish ID for the other.

  2. Sunday night, no cooking unless the mystery root is going to be your appetizer on the Harbor Cruise! Hope you both will be there.

  3. What I identified as a white radish is in fact a turnip!

    Also, the mystery roots are definitely Kohlrabi, thanks for the help with identifying them.

    I decided to chicken out on the hot peppers. Turns out they are jalapenos, and I am just not a fan, so I am giving them away.

  4. As mentioned above it is Kohlrabi ... Remember, you can always ask us at the farm if we forget to I.D. something! The blog is AWESOME. Keep it up the inspiration!