Thursday, April 28, 2011

CSA Week One

The first CSA delivery of the Spring Season arrived today! Here is what I have:

a bunch of turnips
Two bunches of radishes
A bunch of basil
One bag arugula
One bag of lettuce
4 baby summer squash
one baby patty pan squash

So far, here is my plan for how to use this beautiful produce:

My sister has been raving about this basil chicken recipe she recently made, so I will try that with the turnip gratin I made last year and can not get off my mind now that I have fresh turnips in the house.

I will make baby food from the squash and freeze it.

I will cook the arugula with tomatoes and serve it with pork tenderloin medalions.

I will use the lettuce and radishes in salad for lunches, and maybe also make a batch of radish chips.

New this year, I will also post updates from my own garden. I planted last weekend and we have been blessed with lots of rain this week. Here is what I have so far:
 Herbs planted on top of my rain barrel: stevia, mint, rosemary, thyme.

 Six tomato plants. Three various heirloom varieties and three better boys.

From the opposite side of the raised bed, you can see three okra plants planted near the edge. There is also one red bell pepper plant but you really can not see it in the picture. 

  Three cucumber plants

 Three squash plants

 Three zucchini plants and a little cantaloupe plant off to the left.

I will take pictures once a week and post them with the weekly CSA delivery.

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