Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Hamburgers and Grilled Cabbage

Confession time: I hate cabbage. I have never had cabbage in a way that I enjoyed it. I have occasionally eaten cole slaw, but would never order it or make it. So, this farm sends whole heads of cabbage in the CSA.....what to do. Then, along came this fantastic site called Pinterest. While browsing on Pinterest, I found a recipe for grilled cabbage. I tried it this week, and it was fantastic. My husband said it best: "I can't believe we are eating cabbage, this is delicious." My husband and I both went back for seconds and total we ate a half a head of cabbage in one sitting. So what is this magical cabbage recipe? It is so stinkin simple it is embarrasing.

First, you cut a head of cabbage into eight wedges. Then salt and pepper each wedge. Then smear butter over the outside of the wedge. Finally drape a slice of raw bacon over the top of the wedge. Put the wedge into a foil pouch and grill over medium to low heat for 35-40 minutes. Here is the finished product:

It is soft and savory and full of flavor. I served it with a hamburger on a multigrain bun. Yes, the bacon adds some fat, but it has got to be healthier than having fries on the side.

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