Wednesday, April 18, 2012

CSA Week 1

I picked up the first CSA box yesterday, so the adventure begins. Pictured above are the contents of the CSA box:

2 Radishes
1 Turnip
3 Onions

One lesson learned from 3 previous CSA seasons is that planning is key to using all the ingredients! Here is the plan:

Yesterday I made a large crock pot meal that has lots of leftovers, we will have those Wednesday and Thursday night. I have a meeting Thursday evening, so will not be able to cook anything anyway. Wednesday evening I am going to make Broccoli salad and Kale chips to pack in my lunches for Thursday and Friday.

Friday evening I am making a pasta with bacon, peas and ricotta cheese.

Saturday evening is date night, we will be out and about so no cooking.

Sunday evening I will make the collards with a pork chop.

Throughout the week as a side dish or for lunch I will make salads from the lettuce and radishes.

My child will probably eat all the strawberries by Saturday.

That leaves one turnip and 3 onions with no culinary home. I may use some of the onion in the broccoli salad. I am not sure what to do with the 1 turnip and 2 leftover onions. Chances are I will save them for next week when hopefully the one turnip will have a friend delivered in the next CSA box.

Anybody have an idea of what to do with one turnip?

Here is another view of the week one goods:

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